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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Well I never thought I would ever get into blogging but here goes. I don't know why I started this today but so far I'm having fun learning how it all works. I dare say sleep will now be lower down on my list, as I already have a full day every day and find my time on the computer rather longer than it should be already. Well today I will be making my third attempt at making the basic head for my latest orangutan. I am using a different length of mohair and I have discovered the whole design needs to change for this difference. Bears can be made in all kinds of finishes of fur but to my dismay and expence this is not the case with chimps or orangutans if I want a realistic look, I have now adjusted the pattern so fingers crossed that I will not waste yet more fabric. I will now go and try the pattern and not hopefully waste even more fabric. Have a great day!


Fran said...

lovely blog jane
fran from Australia

Fran said...
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